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Our purpose is to help you walk through the passing of a loved-one and to prepare for an appropriate funeral or memorial service. We have included information on who to call, the proper paperwork and how to get the process started. Our Pastoral Care office can be reached at (719) 265-3117.

What To Do When Someone Passes Away

  1. If death occurs at a private residence or at accident scene Call 911 and report the death.
  2. Call the New Life Church Pastor on Call (719-351-0227) for pastoral ministry and helpful advice.
  3. If death occurs at a private home with in home hospice available, they will contact the authorities (law enforcement and other authorities).
  4. If death occurs at a medical facility, they will contact the appropriate agencies. The medical facility may also need to know your choice of a funeral home.
  5. Call relatives, if available, for moral support.
  6. The New Life Church Pastoral Care Ministry is available to help you coordinate and prepare for the service.

Information Packet



Please call 719-234-7750 during normal business hours to make an appointment for grief care after the loss of a loved one.


Focus on the Family has some great resources to help you through this painful process. To get more information, click here.

Download this checklist to facilitate the memorial season.